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Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid.  Many experts say this phrase is mentioned over 300 times in the Bible.  Why?  Does it mean to trust God when circumstances seem to be crumbling around you?  Possibly, but God may be saying something else as well.  This phrase may also means to not fear saying what needs to be said, doing what is uncomfortable to do, ...

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Conversations That Count

Long before Tony Dungy became a renowned NFL football coach, he was an undrafted walk-on with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He survived his first season, but going into his second season, he got very sick and started to despair over likelihood of keeping his spot on the team.  Five time Pro Bowl safety, Donnie Shell, pulled him aside and said ...

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Do More

Do you ever struggle with wanting to do the right thing, but at the same time, you don’t want to create a difficult situation? For example, you have probably at times been around people who are judgmental or critical of your values.  You may have also watched friends or family members making bad choices.  How many times ...