Sports Personalities


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Strength Training (with Tony Dungy)

Tony Dungy, head football coach of the Indianapolis Colts, provides his thoughts about learning to trust God. “We don’t know how good we are until we run up against a team that’s going to challenge us, and we don’t know what we really think about our faith until our life gets rocked a couple of times.”

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Game Plan for Faith (with Lou Holtz)

Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach and current ESPN analyst, talks about the need for rigor and discipline in our faith.  With his characteristic humor and candor, Lou shares how faith can and should direct the twists and turns in our lives. “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him what your plans are.  We have to put our faith and trust in Him and allow Him to lead us in a different direction.”.

Influenced by God.png

Influenced by God (with Chris Godfrey)

Chris Godfrey, who spent over a decade in the NFL and earned a Super Bowl ring with the NY Giants, says God needs our cooperation and collaboration in order for us to play the part He is asking us to play. “We have to remember that the God who is calling us is the God who loves us and wants what is best for us.  He’s not going to tell us to do something that will make us miserable.  He’s calling us because we are already miserable, and He wants to show us a better way.”