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A Special Moment at Dallas Love Field Airport

Busyness certainly does have a way of ruling our lives. One place where busyness is pervasive is in an airport.  And more specifically, people always seem to be in a rush in airport restrooms.  It’s the place everyone dashes into right before their plane is ready to board, or right after they deplane and are hurrying to get wherever they need to be. Why am I talking about airport restrooms?  Because something happened ...

photo: Roger Selverstone

Filling Your Joy Tank

Too many people live with a sense of chronic joylessness. Chronic joylessness occurs when our minds are filled with irritation, frustration, worry, fear, lack of purpose and/or a sense that life isn’t fair. To combat joylessness, we sometimes try to partake in events that we think will create feelings of joy. However, it’s hard to chase joy in our lives   ...