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Our Narcotic Culture

Our culture is a powerful narcotic, which can be both good and bad. Good in that a narcotic soothes and protects against brute, raw pain. Our culture has within it all sorts of things (from medicine to entertainment) to shield you from pain. That can be good, providing it is not a false crutch. But a  ...

Diluting Negative Influences.png

Diluting Negative Influences

No one can withstand our culture’s constant barrage of negative influences without being personally affected.  Your sense of right and wrong starts to blur.  Your standards start to drop. What you previously thought was awful begins to feel normal. You cannot avoid all the negative influences around  ...

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Think What You Think

We live in a world of constant communication.  Your smart phone, iPad and laptop gives you instant access to news, music, TV, online shopping, even friends.  Almost everything you want is literally at your fingertips. You can be amused, distracted, and catered to 24/7. And while your life may be super efficient, are you in danger of developing attention  ...