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Challenges That Transform

None of us want to have problems in life.  That’s just simple human nature.  We don’t want to experience health problems, relationship difficulties, or financial insecurity, nor do we want to learn our kids are doing things they shouldn’t.  We all want to sail through life with as few challenges as possible.  There is nothing wrong with desiring a journey with few  ... 

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Reluctant or Committed?

The vast majority of Americans consider themselves to be people of faith.  But a fair amount of these people would likely describe themselves as reluctant rather than committed people of faith. A reluctant person of faith may be the type of person who consciously chooses to stand back from their faith and not get too involved.  Perhaps because they ...

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GPS for Life

For Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 Presidential candidate, 2009 was a very tough year.  Her 35-year-old daughter was found dead, and Fiorina herself underwent extensive and difficult treatment for breast cancer.  But it was a good year as well, because 2009 was the year that Carly Fiorina really reconnected with her faith ...