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Service Versus Leadership

Can you imagine attending a leadership presentation, and the first thing the speaker says to you is don’t seek to be a leader?  If Lou Nanni, VP of the University of Notre Dame, is the speaker, that is exactly what you might hear.  Lou, who is frequently asked to give talks about leadership, often shocks the person who invited him to speak because he begins his ... 

Game Clock is Ticking.png

The Game Clock is Ticking

Great games are not remembered by the stats or score. Instead, we remember the players and coaches; the attitudes and demeanors; the mistakes and the miracle plays.  The combination of all the game’s components is what marks it for the ESPN highlight reel.  It is the same with our lives as well. Awards, titles and accomplishments are great, but  ...

Analogy for Service.jpeg

Analogy for Service

When it comes to serving others, have you ever wondered what you should do, how much you should do, or how you should do it?   A useful analogy for answering these questions might be looking at how parents serve their children.Do parents do only big and important things for their kids?  Of course not.  Much of what they do are small, seemingly ...