Lou Nanni

Co-founder of the South Bend Center for the Homeless and Vice President of External Affairs for the University of Notre Dame

Lukewarm Faith.jpg

Lukewarm Faith

Far too often, we find ourselves compartmentalizing our faith apart from our everyday lives. The more we do this, the less relevant our faith becomes.  "I feel one of the greatest threats to faith is busyness -- jumping from one thing to another to another -- and never developing the contemplative side, the prayerful side sufficiently so that we may hear God."

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The Privilege of Christian Service

Despite the broad geographical reach of the his service, Lou Nanni emphasizes how a life dedicated to service may occur within the boundaries of our own families or communities. "Seek to be servants, not leaders. If we seek to serve others -- our families, people who report to us at work, our community -- as purely and abundantly as Christ served us, leadership will be given. And leadership is always better when it is given rather than when it is sought after."