Amazon reviews of Everyday Faith:

"From the very first sentence I was impressed and inspired at the simplicity and clarity Shari Guilfoile communicated these deep, thought-provoking and soul-searching messages. If you love the discovery of who God created you to be and become, this book is for you."

"Everyday Faith is great wisdom with concise, easy-to-read messages that can make a difference in how you see and approach life. I read the whole book, but I continue to pick it up and flip to random pages or re-read my favorites. We so often talk about faith conceptually, but Everyday Faith is full of practical wisdom that can help us really live our faith, whether we're dealing with big challenges or just going through the day. I recommend keeping this book handy. Each of these messages is like a two-minute faith reminder, and who doesn't need that?"

Available both as paperback and Kindle.