“In a culture of confusion and in a world of constant change, many people don’t have a spiritual North Star, which is what God’s dream for us provides.”

– Matthew Kelly, internationally acclaimed author and speaker


What is it that you count on when something is going badly in your life? The fact that you have a great marriage? Good friends? Financial security?

If you have any of these blessings, no doubt they can provide much needed support when life gets tough. But they should not be your ultimate source of strength, and here’s why:

Every one of these blessings can disappear in an instant.  Healthy people can suddenly become ill.  Husbands, wives, kids, and friends -- they can be unexpectedly taken from you.  And your life long savings can disappear in a financial crisis.

You get the picture.  Everything important and sustaining in your life can disappear very quickly.  Everything, except one thing.  The one thing that can provide peace, understanding and love, and that can never be taken away is your relationship with God.  The key is to start turning to Him now and trusting Him with your minor challenges, then you will be able to find Him when you need Him for the big one.