Analogy for Service

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"

-- Martin Luther King, Jr

When it comes to serving others, have you ever wondered what you should do, how much you should do, or how you should do it?   A useful analogy for answering these questions might be looking at how parents serve their children.

Analogy for Service.jpeg

Do parents do only big and important things for their kids?  Of course not.  Much of what they do are small, seemingly insignificant things.  Yet, in the eyes of their kids, these small things are often just as important as the big ones.

Do parents do everything they would like to do for their kids?  No.  But they do the necessary things, and then they do as many other things as they are capable of doing.

And finally, how do parents serve their kids?  They serve their children in a loving way, with patience, kindness and selflessness, and with no need for special recognition.

The point is to think about serving others in a way that resembles how you serve your family, by doing things that are both big and small, taking advantage of every opportunity you can, and doing so for no other reason than to show love to others.