“The best wines have to be aged in cracked old barrels.  And so too does the human soul, which comes to compassion only when there are real cracks, painful ones, in the body and life of the one who carries it.”

-- James Hillman, psychologist


Most of us tend to be compassionate people, and you probably are as well. But, there may be times when you withhold compassion.  Why? Because these situations may involve people who you believe to be immoral, selfish, or have some other character flaw.

Of course if someone who you deem as selfish or immoral faced a devastating hardship, you would rush to his aid. But what about in your normal, day-to-day dealings with them?  Are you as apt to extend kindness and mercy to these people as you are to others?

How do you develop compassion for a person who, quite frankly, you really don’t care for?  One way is simply by recognizing the part of yourself  that is flawed, and admitting how difficult it is to overcome it. This kind of reflection is not designed to make you feel bad about yourself. It simply helps develop some empathy and compassion for others, who just like yourself, struggle to be all God wants them to be.