Deep Faith?

“Everyone can be gracious and give the Lord credit when they are winning championships or when great things are happening.  However, I think the true measure of trusting the Lord and putting faith into practice occurs during our times of greatest adversity.”

-- Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Champion Coach

Deep Faith?.jpg

How do you know if a person has great faith?  Can you tell by how often they go to church? How often they pray?  By how good they are?  Of course many people of great faith attend church often, pray often and live good and moral lives, but do these criteria really tell us how faith-filled a person is? 

If you had to identify a single characteristic to signify the depth of a person’s faith, it might be how they handle adversity.  A person of deep faith takes comfort in the belief that God is always present and in charge.  They don’t believe God will necessarily step in and fix their problems, but they believe God is always right beside them offering wisdom and strength. 

What do you believe about God?  Do you simply believe He exists?  Or, do you believe He is right there with you, no matter how tough life gets. If you believe and trust He’s with you, not only will you be able to handle whatever life throws you, but others will observe your strength.  They will want what you have, which is deep and meaningful faith.