Eternal Horizon

“Change your perspective and you change your reality.”

-- Unknown

Have you ever seen a two year old break her favorite toy?  If you have, you may have witnessed an inconsolable meltdown.  After all, most kids do not have the perspective to realize how insignificant and fleeting these kinds of experiences are.

Eternal Horizon.jpg

How about you?  Do you manage to keep your challenges in perspective?  Not challenges that arise from broken toys, but rather to the pains and preoccupations of daily life, which can include broken relationships, strained bank accounts, serious health problems and the like.

Often the only perspective that can heal and console us is to see our lives against an eternal horizon. Our faith tells us that our life here is not the real game, it is more like the pre-game warm-ups to prepare us for the real game.  Try to find some people in your life who can help you maintain this perspective, and then become of person of perspective for others.