Ignoring God

“One of the greatest threats to faith is busyness.  It’s jumping from one thing to another, and therefore never developing the prayerful/contemplative side of our lives sufficiently so that we might hear God.”

-- Lou Nanni, VP, University of Notre Dame

Ignoring God.jpg

If you have spent a fair amount of time around children or teens, you for sure know how difficult it can be to get their attention.  When they have their eyes glued to a computer or TV screen, you can repeat yourself, you can raise your voice, you can probably even wave your arms in front of their face, and you still may not get their attention! Have you ever wondered if God is getting the same reaction from you? 

If you can’t hear God, you will experience spiritual suffocation. You will miss the opportunity to grow in wisdom, and you will never grasp what you ultimately seek, which is real peace, deep within, that can only come from God.

Undoubtedly your life is busy, but how about trying to carve out three minutes of silence each day with no distractions and a clear mind.  Commit to doing that for a week.  If you do, God will get your attention.  And once He does, you’ll begin to see, hear and experience life in a whole new way.