Laboratory of Our Souls

"We don’t invent our mission, we detect it.'"

-- Victor Frankl, Holocaust survivor

No two individuals have the same DNA, so DNA is often used to confirm a person’s identity.  But there is another way to distinguish individuals from each other.  This technique does not occur in a scientific laboratory, but rather in the laboratory called our souls.

Laboratory of Our Souls.png

A laboratory is a place where knowledge is pondered, assumptions are tested and learning takes place.  Those are exactly the kinds of activities you must pursue deep in your soul so you can identify the unique package God placed within you: a distinct combination of strengths, limitations and passions, that once you understand, will reveal the specific work God needs you to do.

You have a God-given nature.   You need to discover and respond to that nature rather than responding to all the external pressures and demands that want to steer you in a different direction.  Listen to that voice deep within, and then follow what you hear