Left to Tell

"Faith moves mountains; if faith were easy, there would be no mountains."

– Immaculee Ilibagiza, Rwandan genocide survivor

Left To Tell.png

In 1994, a terrible genocide swept through the country of Rwanda resulting in the horrendous deaths of millions of innocent people.  Throughout this three-month holocaust, a young college student named Immaculee Ilibagiza hid with six other women in a tiny bathroom.  She entered the bathroom as a 5’9 115 pound young woman, and emerged as an emaciated 65 pound survivor, only to find that her family members had been gruesomely dismembered and killed by government-sponsored evil.

God did not simply choose Immaculee to survive among the millions that perished.  She survived because she chose God.  She chose to turn to Him, trust Him and do His will.  Because of the choices Immaculee made about her relationship with God, she was left to tell her story for others.  If God could guide Immaculee through this ordeal, do you have any doubt He can sustain you in your trials and tribulations?  The answer lies in you choosing God.