Messages from God

“Communicating with God is like listening to the radio; there is always something to hear, but we must turn it on.”

-- David Yount, author, columnist, former White House correspondent

Messages from God.jpeg

Many people say that when they ask for God’s help, He doesn’t respond.  Maybe they don’t know how God answers.

God’s help comes in many different forms. Sometimes it comes in the form of an insight.  Sometimes it is just an inner feeling you get.  Very often, it comes through the words and actions of other people.  You first need to recognize these events for what they are -- support and direction from God. Then, you have to do your part, which is being open to them, reflecting on them, and most importantly, allowing them to alter your thinking.

Of course not every inner feeling, nor every word spoken will be a message from God.  Some instincts create fear, and some people do and say things that hurt rather than help.  But these are not God’s messages.  You can recognize God’s messages from the peaceful, comforting or insightful perspective they provide.