"There are difference makers in every game, and there are difference makers in life.  I don't believe we should try to fit in and be like everyone else.  I believe we all have to step out and do our part."

-- Mike Babcock, Stanley Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Coach


Morality is one of those words that can be difficult to define.  Morality is not just about following rules, it is not just about avoiding sin, and it is not just about being nice.

Morality entails using your God-given gifts to do God’s work – and there plenty of work God needs you to do: in your family, in your workplace and among your friends. Your soul is indelibly marked by your daily decisions to work (or not work) on God’s behalf.

Being nice is not enough.  Neither is focusing on only one or two big efforts.  Your decision to defend a ridiculed co-worker this morning can be just as significant as the 50 hours you spent volunteering at the local soup kitchen last year. 

Remember: God knows your individual capabilities.  He knows if you are stretching yourself, and He knows if you are not.