No Magic Wand

"The only thing missing in any situation is that which you are not giving."

-- Marianne Williamson, author and international speaker

Sometimes we have to think carefully about what we are asking God to do.

For example, have you ever asked God to heal a friend or family member with a serious health problem? Instead of asking God to heal the person, try asking God to show you what you can do to help heal them. Then keep your mind open to the information and insights that will likely come your way.

No Magic Wand.jpg

Is God that picky about how you ask for His help?  Probably not.  But by changing your request from, “God please heal ___” to “God, please show ME how to help heal ___,” you become much more open to hearing God. God may try to show you what you could do when you ask Him to heal the person, but you may not be attentively listening because you are relying on God to do the work.  Remember, God does not use a magic wand – he uses people.  And in many cases, He is waiting to use you but has to wait until you are ready to hear Him.