Practice Drill for Trust

“Everyone can be gracious and give the Lord credit when they are winning championships or when great things are happening.  However, I think the true measure of trusting the Lord and putting faith into practice occurs during our times of greatest adversity.”

-- Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Champion Coach

Practice Drill for Trust.png

You probably know who Tony Dungy is.  He is the former Super Bowl Champion coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

You may also know that Tony Dungy experienced great personal tragedy when in 2005, his 18 year-old son Jamie took his own life.  The way Tony Dungy handled this terrible event can teach us something so much more important than the X’s and O’s of football.  Because after Jamie died, Tony Dungy truly trusted God to heal him and his family, and to bring some good from this tragic situation.

Now anyone familiar with football knows that well prepared football teams must practice hard.  Well, Coach Dungy says that trusting God when something awful occurs requires practice as well.  He says the practice drill for handling life’s really difficult challenges is trusting God with your smaller setbacks because then you are prepared to receive His grace and healing when life inevitably gets very, very tough.