Think What You Think

“Nothing can be more useful to a man than a determination not to be hurried.”

 – Henry David Thoreau

Think What You Think.jpg

We live in a world of constant communication.  Your smart phone, iPad and laptop gives you instant access to news, music, TV, online shopping, even friends.  Almost everything you want is literally at your fingertips. You can be amused, distracted, and catered to 24/7. And while your life may be super efficient, are you in danger of developing attention deficient disorder? Are you attentive to so many things that, ultimately, you are not being attentive to anything?

There is one thing technology cannot give you, which is depth.  And so you have to know when it is time to turn off the phone, shut down the computer, and even resist going out for coffee with a friend, so that, for a few moments at least, you can think what you really think, and know what you instinctively know.  Try it.  You might be surprised at how enlightening and engaging it is.