Turning Points

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road -- unless you fail to make the turn.”

-- Author Unknown

Turning Points.jpeg

Turning points are disappointments, failures, and crises that have the power to change your life journey. 

Paula D’Arcy knows a thing or two about turning points.  One major turning point in her life occurred at the hands of a drunk driver, who hit the vehicle that she, her husband and 21-month-old daughter were traveling in.  She survived; her husband and daughter did not.

Paula D’Arcy had a choice: she could harden and turn away from her pain, but instead, she chose to open and turn toward it. She let her life, with all of its seemingly unfair turns, teach and turn her toward the work the world needed her to do, work that has helped people from all corners of the globe, including those in prison and those living in third world countries.

Turning toward your difficulties means asking the question, “What is life trying to help me see?” And it means allowing life to unfold in a way that you perhaps never wanted, but never the less, accept and embrace.