Waiting for You to Ask

“Of course God knows best what we need, but it is slothful to leave the initiative to Him. We must knock at the door -- and often.”

– David Yount, author, columnist, former White House correspondent

Waiting for You to Ask.jpg

How often do you ask God for help? How many times did you ask Him today?  Yesterday?  If you are facing a difficult period in your life, you may frequently ask for His help.  But what if your life is pretty good right now?  Do you still ask for help throughout your day?

You do not need to make an appointment, dial a phone, or send an email or text.  All you have to do is clear your mind for a moment and ask for His help.  God’s assistance is literally just a thought away, so why not seek it?

Is it because you do not feel your need is worthy of God’s intervention?  Is it because you feel you should be able to accomplish it on your own? Or did it not occur to you to ask?

Know that God is with you all day long.  You have His undivided attention. He wants you to talk to Him.  He wants to give you advice.  But sometimes, God is just waiting for you to ask.