Parents As Leaders

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

– Charles Swindoll, pastor, author, radio show personality

Parents as Leaders.jpg

It is astounding how often kids leave other kids out.  But even more astounding is how often parents observe, but ignore, the exclusion.

Every time a young person is excluded by other kids, it of course chips away at that person’s self-esteem.  But do not think for a second that it is not chipping away at the kids who are doing the ignoring or excluding.  It may not be chipping away at their self-esteem, but it is taking huge chunks out of that thing inside of them called character.

And what about the effect on the parents who remain silent?  Every time you ignore a character flaw in your child, or simply look the other way, you are chipping away at your own character as well.

Without doubt your kids are going to make mistakes with regard to character. But those mistakes provide their greatest opportunities to learn.  As a parent, you have to seize these teaching moments.  You owe it to your kids, and you owe it to God.