Unwilling or Unable?

When  asked why they don’t pray, many people say they don’t believe God answers their prayers.  If that’s true, is it that God is unwilling, or is He unable?  Well, most people would say God is able to do anything; after all, He is God.  But there is a brief story in Mark’s gospel that implies you actually have a role to play in God’s ability to respond to your prayers.

In Chapter 6 of Mark’s gospel, Jesus returns to his hometown, Nazareth. At this point is His life, He is renowned for his many miracles and large following.  The people in Nazareth have heard of Jesus’ miracles, yet still think of Him as nothing special.  In their eyes He is simply Mary and Joseph’s son. Mark goes on to say that Jesus was therefore unable to perform any miracles there.  He doesn’t say unwilling, he says unable.  

I think the message of this passage is clear: God can only respond to your prayers if you believe He can.  Do you?

photo credit: Lali Masriera on Flickr